Click to enlarge1 In 3 Out Composite BNC Video S-Video Splitter With Audio

1 In 3 Out Composite BNC Video S-Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier With Audio
This all-purpose 3-way video/audio splitter is designed for composite video and stereo audio signal distribution and broadcasting use for presentations, video entertainment system and surveillance system.

It is a perfect video and audio distribution splitter solution for duplicating the audio video signals from one single source to multiple locations at the same time. 

The built-in signal booster enhances the video/audio signal levels and provides multiple sharp and crystal clear outputs like the original input for simultaneous broadcasting on HDTV set, Plasma TV, LCD TV, LCD/DLP projector, other video monitors, audio receiver, home theater system, pre-amp and so on . 

This composite video splitter provides comprehensive product applications includes public video broadcasting, video surveillance, CCTV surveillance system distribution, DVR recording, classrooms, tradeshows or in-store displays wherever simultaneous video on several monitors is needed.  

Composite BNC Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier
A perfect A/V distribution solution for transmitting video and audio signals from CCTV cameras, cable box, satellite receiver, DVD player and other A/V devices to three locations

Featured with a composite BNC type video input, s-video input and 1 stereo L/R input on this splitter. Each A/V input will be buffered and replicated into total of 3 sets of video and audio outputs with excellent signal strength and quality for transmission. With the composite video and S-Video input from the same source device, there will be total of 6 duplicated video outputs at the same time.Application Diagram For 1 In 3 Out Composite BNC Video Audio Splitter Distribution Amplifier

Supreme Signal Booster Amplification
This audio video splitter has a powerful signal booster circuit , sufficient to transmit the standard SD A/V signal for long distance transmission.

A built-in booster/amplifier circuit built in with high video bandwidth of 480Mhz can boost the signal to the needed level so to prevent signal loss and picture degradation during the long-distance signal transmission. It allows for the audio and video signal to be transmitted effectively for 300 ft from the source location with the same sharp and clear sound and video quality maintained.

Stereo Audio Distribution
This unit can also double as a stereo splitter. It supports stereo L/R audio signals for input from audio devices such as CD/DVD player, home theater system, audio receiver, satellite or cable box. 

This is essential when you want to use one audio source with many amplifiers in a multi-zone system. For example, a 10-disc DVD changer can be fed to the home theater system in the main room, the projector for the conference room, speakers in the patio or back yard plus another TV in the bedroom.

Daisy Chain Units
This splitter can also be daisy chained
to form a larger distribution by connecting multiple units together, letting you duplicate your composite video source on many more TV monitor displays, A/V capturing devices and DVR.

It is very easy and flexible A/V distribution amp, allowing professional installers for expanding the current customer's setup at any time in order to accommodate larger number of display monitors and speakers. Simply daisy chaining more of these splitter units together as needed.

Stereo Audio Distribution For 1 In 3 Out Composite BNC Video Audio Splitter Distribution Amplifier


  • A versatile video/audio splitter with composite video, S-Video and stereo audio inputs delivering three simultaneous identical video audio outputs.
  • Up to total of 6 duplicated video outputs when the composite video and S-Video input are from the same source.
  • Supreme video audio splitter with built-in amplifier for all SD video and stereo audio devices to broadcast A/V signals from a single source to multiple destinations for TV display, video recorder, presentation room and conferencing equipments.
  • Sharp and clean output quality for pictures and sound from all outputs are maintained all the way without degrading or loss.
  • Multiple splitters can be daisy chained together for large-scale installation to accommodate more displays and speakers.
  • Built-in signal amplifier with 480 MHz bandwidth provides sharp and clear video and audio outputs.
  • Support video cable runs up to 300ft with excellent signal strength and quality retained all the way during the transmission.
  • Supports 50/60 Hz scan rates for all NTSC, PAL and SECAM systems.
  • Perfect for schools, restaurants, hotels, media control rooms and other public areas where a composite video connection needs distributed to many displays for viewing or recording.
  • Heavy-duty metal housing provides excellent shielding.
  • Bundled with universal power adapter for worldwide use.

  • A/V Inputs:Front And Back Panel Of The 1 In 3 Out Composite BNC Video Audio Splitter Distribution Amplifier
    • BNC composite video input x 1 (1V p.p. 75ohm)
    • S-Video input x 1 (1V p.p. 75ohm)
    • Stereo audio input via 2 RCA connectors (2 Vrms max 47k ohm)
  • A/V Outputs:
    • BNC composite video out x 3 (1V p.p. 75ohm)
    • S-Video out x 3 (1V p.p. 75ohm)
    • Stereo audio out x 3 (2 Vrms max 47k ohm)
  • Horizontal/Vertical Sync: 5Vp-p max
  • Horizontal Frequency: 10KHz~100KHz
  • Vertical Frequency: 20Hz~200Hz
  • Video Bandwidth: 480 MHz (-3dB)
  • Amplification: 10 MHz (-3dB)
  • Differential gain: 0.05%
  • Differential phase: 0.05 degree
  • Power: 110V-240V AC input support with 5V 1A DC output
  • Dimension: 5.5"(W) x 1.5"(D) x 4.1"(H)

1 In 3 Out Composite BNC Video S-Video Splitter With Audio