Click to enlargeWireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System With IR Remote Extender

Wireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System With IR Remote ExtenderWireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System With IR Remote Extender
This wireless coax cable TV tuner system is designed for extending the coax cable signals in a wireless way for home entertainment and delivering clean smooth video and great stereo sound with no noise/interference after long distance transmission.

With the help of this wireless coax video/audio transmitter kit, users can broadcast their cable channels, satellite channels, DVD video, music from one room to another in the house. Spare the headache of running new wires. Enjoy watching your cable TV channels or satellite TV from another TV in the kitchen, patio or bed room without running coax cables.

This wireless coax A/V transmitter kit includes its own cable TV tuner module, allowing users to independently watch different cable channels or satellite TV channels without affecting their existing setup for TVs. Designed for existing analog cable TV subscribers and those who want to watch cable channels from location without coax wire connection.

This wireless coax video/audio transmitter kit consists of two main components: 
  1. Coax module: used for converting the cable TV coax or satellite coax signals into composite A/V in RCA format first.
  2. Wireless A/V transmitter kit: used for transmitting the composite A/V signals from the first component, coax module, in a wireless way to where the wireless receiver unit is located for connecting with a TV or video projector at a distance. Setup Diagram For Wireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System With IR Remote Extender

The best thing about this package is that these two components can be used separately as stand alone devices or combined to work together for transmitting the coax cable signals wirelessly to another location.

This wireless cable TV tuner system supports all the coax type inputs from:

  • cable box or cable outlet for analog system.
  • private UHF/VHF TV broadcast 
  • satellite receivers with coax out
  • digital signage STB with coax out
  • surveillance CCTV system
  • Cable radio or cable FM station
  • A/V modulators used in MATV 

This wireless TV tuner kit also supports remote control extender function. Users can control the TV channels and volume levels from another room.

Easy 5-Minute SetupSetup Diagram From Wireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System
Simply connect
your coax feed to the coax input of the main coax converter module first and then connect the composite RCA video/audio output to the wireless A/V transmitter unit. 

Next take the wireless A/V receiver unit and the IR remote controller of the coax converter to where the 2nd TV is located. Lastly plug the power adapters to the coax converter module, wireless transmitter unit and the wireless receiver unit. All is good to go for your wireless TV broadcast project !

Full-Frequency TV Channels For CATV Satellite 
The main unit of this wireless coax transmitter kit is a RF coax to RCA converter, which is a great external TV tuner module for those TVs without coax cable TV inputs or HDTV monitors with no coax inputs. 

The RF input of this coax to RCA demodulator can also be used for those satellite receivers with  TV2 out from DirecTV, Dish Network and FTA satellite set top boxes.

The setup is only just one minute. Simply connect the coax cable feed from your cable outlet on the wall or from the satellite receiver  into this coax module first. Then connect the composite RCA video/audio outputs from the coax module to the wireless transmitter unit or a video recorder or a TV/video monitor with wired connection.

The Wireless A/V Transmitter And Receiver Unit - Model W-AVS4 Model From amberyCrisp Clear Wireless Audio Video Transmission
The wireless A/V transmitter kit bundled in this system allows users to send cable channel, satellite video or DVD wirelessly to another room in the house easily without running wires thru walls or under carpets.

This wireless kit provides vivid color video with stereo sound through its RF frequency broadcast instead of the traditional cable runs. Strong 2.4 GHz signal travels from location of your A/V source equipment through walls, floors, across the hallway or from the basement to the TV upstairs.

The setup of this kit is easy. The transmitter unit will be connected next to the video/audio source device and the wireless receiver will be connected to the TV or powered speaker at the destination end. 

Standard Composite Video Audio Transmission
This wireless kit is good for all standard analog video and audio applications.
With the help of this wireless audio video transmitter kit, users can easily send and receive wireless broadcasting of video audio signals from one room to another from any A/V components with composite RCA type outputs such as satellite receiver, cable box, digital TV converter box, TiVo, DVR, CCTV surveillance camera or DVD player. And its paired receive can output to any standard TV, flat panel TV, projection display, home theater system/receiver or powered speakers through stereo system.

Wireless IR Remote Control Range Extender Kit

IR Remote Controller
This external TV tuner can be fully operated via the supplied IR remote controller or push buttons on the front panel, just like the way we were using the TV remote to flip between channels, mute the TV sound or up the volume.

Extend IR Remote Control Range
The wireless A/V transmitter kit can also be used alone to extend the IR remote signal to penetrate through the walls and floors to give you the control over your household electronics from the next room over or across the house.

Totally stay in control of your favorite TV channels, CD music titles, or FM/AM radio station from anywhere.  Users can control the video/audio source from the remote location by pointing the source's remote controller toward the receiver unit, which has a IR antenna built in for relaying your remote control signal to the source with transmitter connected. The transmitter will use its IR remote extender wire attached to send out the remote control commands to the front panel of home A/V equipments for operation.

For Coax Module / CATV Tuner

  • Professional grade demodulator with full TV tuner frequency.
  • External add-on TV tuner module for video monitors, projectors or DVR systems without coax inputs.
  • Clean smooth video with great stereo quality.
  • Provides decoded coax type video/audio outputs in composite RCA format from cable outlets or cable boxes with RF output only, satellite receivers or modulated CCTV camera systems.
  • Easy operation through using the supplied IR remote control or front push buttons.
  • Record cable TV channel, satellite channel or camera channel through any standard video recorder or DVR.
  • Excellent coax to stereo RCA audio decoder for routing the stereo sound from the TV radio channels through stereo amp, receiver, headphone, Hi-Fi speaker or home theater system.
  • Digital LED screen for TV channel display on the front panel of the module to show users the TV channel selected.
  • Easy replacement solution for TVs with broken coax inputs.
  • Supports last channel memory after power on.
Application Diagram For the Coax RF To RCA Demodulator

For Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter Kit

  • Send sharp vivid video, stereo sound and remote control signal around the house without wired cable connection.
  • Sturdy enclosure with built-in high gain antenna for superior wireless signal transmission and reception.
  • Powerful RF transmitter built in so wireless signals can penetrate effectively through walls and floors without noise/interference.
  • 4 selectable channel frequency for wireless transmission.
  • Featured with unique ID code design for all units when multiple wireless sets need to work together. Each receiver will sync up with the corresponding transmitter unit with the same ID code setting.
  • Transmission range up to 100 feet with clear line of sight, 50-100 feet (through walls) for audio and video signals.
  • Remote control signal extension up to 150 feet max with clear line of sight.
  • Universal compatibility with most remote controllers in the market due to the wide range of IR data rate up to 60 KHz, not like other cheaper remote extenders with limited support up to 30 KHz only.
  • Served as wireless surveillance system or nursing monitor when used with camcorder or other video surveillance cameras.

Transmit From:

  • Cable box 
  • Satellite Receiver 
  • DVD/VCR player 
  • Surveillance CCTV Camera 
  • Home Theater System
  • Stereo or A/V Receiver

Receive On:

  • TV display types
  • Computer Monitor (converter required)
  • Powered Speakers
  • Home Theater System
  • Stereo or A/V Receiver
  • Video recorder

  • Coax module x 1
  • Remote controller for coax module
  • Wireless transmitter unit x 1
  • Wireless receiver unit x 1
  • IR remote sensor wire
  • RCA male to male connector x3
  • Composite AV cable set x 1
  • AC/DC power adapter x 3 for coax module and wireless kit
  • Operation manual and installation guide

Wireless Coax Cable TV Tuner System With IR Remote Extender