Click to enlarge4 In 2 Out Optical Digital S/PDIF Audio To Stereo RCA Converter With Headphone Amplifier

2-In-1 Digital To Analog Audio DAC Converter With Headphone Amplifier2-In-1 Digital To Analog Audio DAC Converter With Headphone Amplifier
This high-performance digital to analog stereo audio converter decodes the digital coaxial/optical S/PDIF audio sources into stereo channels for the existing A/V receivers, amplifiers, mixers or recording deck that do not have digital inputs. 

The design of this external DAC system helps solve the dilemma of current home audio setup that many of you are facing these day such as:

  • Need better quality D/A conversion than the built-in DAC from your current system.
  • Run out of the digital inputs on the existing amplifier, home theater or AV receiver.
  • Need to add new or more digital audio devices to the existing amplifier or AV receiver.
  • Do not want to spend more for upgrading existing stereo system for the new digital audio equipments.
  • Need to add digital inputs to the existing all-analog receiver/amplifier .
  • Need to provide additional digital inputs when the existing ones are insufficient or of low quality.

This external DAC system can save you a bundle without doing the costly upgrade by integrating the digital audio interconnects from many new A/V equipments into your existing home stereo or analog power amplifier systems. What's more, this unit easily outperforms many of those with built-in low-resolution D/A converters found in low-and mid-priced DVD/CD players, A/V receivers and amplifiers, offering the ideal solution for improving the existing hi-fi stereo gears. 

Typical Application Diagram For The 2-In-1 Digital To Analog Audio DAC Converter With Headphone AmplifierYou connect your existing player's optical or coaxial digital output to the DAC and then use the DAC's analog RCA output to your amplifier. It's very simple and effective. It doesn't matter if you are an audiophile or just want to enjoy better quality music.

Advanced Digital Decoding
This digital to analog audio converter is built with high resolution digital signal processor. It delivers top-quality audio output with super low distortion, noise-free high fidelity sound from digital audio devices like CD/DVD players, Blue-ray, A/V receivers and so on. Its analog stereo outputs maintain the original digital audio information with the same detailed sonic depth.

This digital audio converter reclocks and resamples incoming digital audio information from satellite, CD/DVD, DAB using the internal digital filter before they are decoded.  With 8x over sampling at a 96kHz sampling rate, the actual D to A conversion process takes place at 352.8KHz for a 16 bit/44.1KHz CD audio signal, and 384KHz for DVD audio. This higher frequency sampling rate reveals more detail information that is present in the master source but not audible during the normal playback of CD and accounts for a large part for the detailed resolution. 

The resulting stereo audio playback from this D/A converter will be a dramatic and noticeable improvement from its original source. Disc-based audio playback from CD/DVD player or video game consoles can all benefit from this DAC unit with increased audio decoding accuracy.

4 Digital Audio Inputs With Seamless SwitchingDigital Audio Inputs Of The 2-In-1 Digital To Analog Audio DAC Converter With Headphone Amplifier
This unit provides 4 supreme digital audio inputs, 2 optical inputs via Toslink and two coaxial S/PDIF via coax RCA. Any one of the 4 digital inputs can be easily selected through the push button on the front panel with LED indication. Each selected input channel will be converted and routed through its analog outputs accordingly. The switching between different digital input channels and the resulting analog stereo outputs are instant and seamless without any lag time.

This digital to analog audio converter can be operated in conjunction with other digital audio equipments or used as a stand-alone converter.

Audio Distribution Amplifier With Simultaneous Stereo Outputs
This D/A converter is also served as a audio splitter with amplifier function built in.
It provides 3 analog audio outputs, consisting of  2 sets of stereo channels and a 1/4 stereo headphone plug with associated volume control.

Each digital input channel can be converted into simultaneous stereo outputs.Analog Stereo Outputs Of The 2-In-1 Digital To Analog Audio DAC Converter With Headphone Amplifier

One set of analog stereo output has fixed volume level and the other stereo set has adjustable volume level :
  • Fixed line level stereo output for use with audio recorder or mixer.
  • Variable line level output controlled through the volume dial on the front panel of this unit is meant for use with audio receiver or power amplifier.

Audio outputs from the stereo headphone socket and stereo RCA channels are all treated separately. This means that the two types of outputs are separately amplified with accurate musical sound quality. No interference with loading on the various ports.

Headphone Monitoring With Amplifier Function
This digital audio converter can also function as a stand-alone headphone monitoring amp for making fine comparisons between different digital sources during recording or mixing.

This headphone output is driven by a built-in 700mW headphone amplifier, which is a high current amplifier, capable of driving a wide variety of headphone loads and easily outperforms many other professional headphone amplifiers with substantial audio clarity through the use of a headphone or earbuds.Headphone Amplifier Of The 2-In-1 External DAC

The volume control dial on the front panel of this unit is used to set the output audio level of the headphone or the variable-line-level RCA stereo output but not both at the same time. Designed to connect directly to power amplifiers and powered speakers in order to provide the cleanest and shortest path from digital to monitor output.

Powered Audio Splitter With Built-In Amplifier
The supplied switching power supply of this DAC unit has been specially designed and optimized for audio applications in order to insure low noise, wide dynamic range and superior sound quality to be delivered through its analog outputs.

  • High-resolution digital to analogue audio converter with superior audio dynamic performance for consumer audio and musical applications.
  • Adopts the enhanced multi-level DAC chip for improving the sonic output quality and reducing jitter sensitivity in actual applications.
  • Multiple digital inputs (2 Optical/Toslink + 2 Coaxial S/PDIF) with two stereo outputs plus one stereo headphone output.
  • Seamless switching between 4 digital input channels through the push buttons on the front panel with LED indicators.
  • Supports input audio data up to 24-bit.
  • Wide sampling frequency range support from 16kHz to 96kHz.
  • Using the 8X over-sampling DAC for increased precision during playback.
  • Built-in outstanding headphone amplifier which consists of Class A biased 5532 low noise, dual op amp as found in many sound studio mixing decks to ensure analogue integrity at the output stage.
  • Maintains the original digital audio information with detailed sonic depth.
  • Replaces the built-in DAC of the existing digital audio sources and upgrades the sound quality into audiophile level instantly.
  • Supports a comprehensive range of digital audio applications with studio quality.
  • Designed and built with audiophile-grade components.
  • Sturdy metal steel case design.
  • Universal power supply to ensure its excellent S/N performance not compromised by AC power hum or other external noise.

Digital Audio Inputs
  • 2 AES/EBU coaxial inputs 
  • 2 optical (Toslink) inputs
Stereo Audio Outputs
  • 2 analog stereo outputs via RCA Left/Right channel:
    • Fixed line level stereo output: for use with audio recorder or mixer.
    • Variable line level output: for use with audio receiver or amplifier.
Headphone Amplifier  Output
  • Output Power:700mW
  • Impedance: 8-32 Ohm
Sampling Frequency     16kHz - 96kHzMax
Resolution Capability     16-bit, 20-bit, 24-bit
Digital Filter     82dB
Digital Input     Consumer Standard SPDIF at 96kHz
Over Sampling Filter     8X Digital (352.8-kHZ)
Dynamic Range     106 dB
Frequency Response     20hz to 20,000hz 10.25dB
Amplitude Linearity     >1.06dB
Channel Separation     >I00dB@ 1000hz
Signal-To-Noise SNR Ratio     >103dB
Total Harmonic Distortion     <0.00l5%@ 1kHz
Power Supply     100-240VAC 50/60Hz, output 12VDC 1.7Amp
Dimension     9.82"(W) x 4.73"(D) x 1.58"(H)

4 In 2 Out Optical Digital S/PDIF Audio To Stereo RCA Converter With Headphone Amplifier