2 In 8 Out VGA Matrix Routing Switch Splitter

2 In 8 Out VGA Matrix Routing Switch Splitter
Item# VGAMX-8P

2X8 VGA Matrix Routing Switch - 2 In 8 Out VGA Splitter Amplifier MultiplierProduct Picture Of The 2X8 VGA Matrix Routing Switch - 2 In 8 Out VGA Splitter Amplifier Multiplier
This unit is a high performance matrix switcher used for computer graphics video signals, DVR or other VGA/RGBHV applications. It can simultaneously route any or all inputs to any or all outputs. 

Share two computer video signals between multiple monitors. This VGA video matrix splitter lets you route the video signals from 2 computers between 8 VGA monitors or projectors.  This video routing matrix will let you select and control which computer screen to be displayed on a specific monitor using the push buttons on the front panel.

Signal Enhancement With Distribution Amplification
A built-in signal booster allows the output signals to be transmitted up to 250 feet away from your computer while maintaining high-quality VGA resolution. The selected VGA input will be properly buffered and isolated, then distributed to multiple identical outputs designed to drive desktop monitors, projectors, or other receiving devices.

High Resolution VGA Inputs Outputs
This VGA video routing switch/splitter is able to support a comprehensive range of VGA resolutions for inputs and outputs from 640x480 VGA to 1920x1440 pixels.

High Bandwidth 250Hz -3dB
This unit is designed with high bandwidth 250 MHz pixel frequency to ensure users that this device will deliver to the final destination the same image quality that came from the original video source with any loss or distortion. The effective transmission distance can be up to 250 feet.

Independent Control of Inputs and Outputs
Each output is independently controlled meaning you can have two different computer images displaying on total of 8 monitors or the same image on all 8 monitors together.

Easy Expansion
This 2x8 VGA video matrix can be cascaded with other VGA switches, VGA splitters or video distributor together for accommodating more computer inputs and outputs to more displays. Simultaneously route any or all inputs to any or all outputs. Easy installation and setup provides the perfect solution for permanent and mobile presentations.

Application Diagram For 2X8 VGA Matrix Routing Switch - 2 In 8 Out VGA Splitter Amplifier Multiplier

  • Test bench facilities
  • Data center
  • Help desks
  • Demo or presentation
  • Class rooms or educational facilities
  • Public broadcast systems
  • Information kiosks

  • Supreme VGA matrix and routing switch for routing different inputs to different displays.
  • Route any/all inputs to any/all outputs simultaneously. 
  • All-in-1 design to incorporate both VGA switcher and splitter function together.
  • Easy push buttons for selecting inputs and outputs.
  • Supreme high 250 MHz pixel frequency to extend signal up to 250 ft.
  • Each one of the 8 VGA outputs can be set to display VGA source A, B or off.  
  • Video signal enhancement circuitry built in for high clarity outputs.
  • Easy expansion by cascading multiple matrix units together for accommodating more inputs/outputs.
  • Supports video card resolutions at 1920x1440 pixels.
  • Each VGA output is independently controlled.
  • Intelligent functionality gives you the flexibility to use a broad range of video devices, from CRT and LCD monitors to new plasma TVs or video projectors.
  • Built with sturdy metal enclosure for industrial use and professional installation. 
  • Supports DDC, DDC2, DDC2B. 

Video Input Connector 2 (HD-15 Female)
Video Output Connector  8 (HD-15 Female)
Select Switch 8
Linked LEDs A (Green) 8
B (Red) 8
Max. Resolution SUXGA 1920 x 1440 pixels @ 60 Hz
Pixel Frequency 250 MHz
Cable Distance
(Device to Monitor)
250 feet Max.
Signal Type VGA, SVGA, XGA, Multisync
Power Adapter (Min.) AC 7.5V 800mA
Housing Metal