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HD Component Composite Video Distribution Amplifier + Digital S/PDIF Stereo Audio SplitterHD Component Composite Video Distribution Amplifier + Digital S/PDIF Stereo Audio Splitter
This all-purpose video/audio distributor with built-in amplifier is the perfect video and audio distribution splitter solution for broadcasting from one single source device to multiple locations at the same time. A very versatile video and audio processor unit for presentations, video entertainment system and home theatre applications.

The built-in signal booster enhances the video/audio quality and provides several identical outputs sharp and crystal clear outputs like the original input for simultaneous broadcasting on HDTV set, Plasma TV, LCD TV, LCD/DLP projector, other video monitors, audio receiver, home theater system, pre-amp and so on . 

All HD or SD video resolutions are supported including 480i,576i,480p,576p,720p,1080i and 1080p. 

This is the only splitter model in the market that can handle multiple video and audio formats for signal distribution and amplification/extension. This A/V splitter supports the following:

  • Any HD or SD resolution is supported including 480i,576i,480p,576p,720p,1080i and 1080p.
  • Any NTSC, PAL or SECAM video is supported.
  • Any PC VGA signal up to 2048 x 1536 pixels at 60Hz is supported. 
  • Any digital S/PDIF, DTS digital surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 digital or stereo audio is supported.Front And Back Panel Of 3-Port HD Component Composite Video Distribution Amplifier + Digital S/PDIF Stereo Audio Splitter

Perfect for public video broadcasting, classrooms, tradeshows, or in-store displays where high quality video on several monitors is needed. flexible and cost-effective solutions a wide variety of applications including boardrooms, training facilities, home theater, media control centers, digital signage, rental and staging environments, remote monitoring at airlines, restaurants, production and industrial control, security companies etc.

Super 480Mhz Signal Amplification
This audio video splitter has a powerful signal booster circuit built in with supreme high bandwidth of 480Mhz, sufficient to transmit the high bandwidth HD signal or standard SD A/V signal for long distance transmission.

A built-in booster/amplifier circuit will boost the signal to the needed level to prevent signal loss and picture degradation during the long-distance signal transmission. It allows for the audio and video signal to be transmitted effectively for 500 ft or more at 1080p from the source location with no signal loss. 

Sharp and clean output quality for pictures and sound from all outputs are maintained all the way without degrading or loss.

HD Component Video Distribution
A perfect HDTV distribution solution for transmitting video and audio from one HD video device to three locations. Great broadcasting equipment for all HDTV component video devices such as satellite receiver, Blue-rar DVD player, HD cable box, HD video game console, DVD player  and so on.

It is capable of supporting all component video formats in progressive YPbPr, interlaced YCbCr, YUV and all other RGB formats. Any HD or SD resolution is supported including 480i,576i,480p,576p,720p,1080i and 1080p.

Composite Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier
When using as a composite video splitter, this A/V distribution amplifier allows users to have up to total of 9 TV displays and speaker to be driven by 3 different video/audio device hooked up to this splitter. There are 3 composite video inputs on this splitter and each input will buffer and replicate the video feed into 3 outputs, resulting in total of 9 outputs from all 3 inputs with excellent signal strength and quality for transmission. 

This splitter device works with all NTSC, PAL or SECAM signals and the package also provides DC power adapter with universal plug kits for use in all countries.

Computer VGA RGBHV Video Distributor Splitter
This audio video distribution amplifier also supports computer videos by using the D-sub 15-pin to 5 RCA adapter cables for routing the computer VGA RGBHV signal into this splitter and output it with multiple VGA signal outputs in RGBHV format.

This 3-port VGA splitter supports comprehensive VGA input and output resolutions up to to 2048 x 1536 pixels at 60Hz from any VGA-based device like laptop or desktop computers. 

Composite Video Stereo Audio Distribution Amp Splitter PC VGA RGBHV Distribution Amplifier Splitter

Digital Coaxial / Stereo Audio SplitterDigital S/PDIF Audio Splitter Distribution Amplifier
This HD/SD audio video splitter also supports digital S/PDIF and analog stereo audio signals for input and outputs for devices such as DVD player, home theater system, audio video receiver, satellite or cable box. 

This is essential when you want to use one audio source with many amplifiers in a multi-zone system. For example, a 200-disc DVD changer can be fed to the home theater system in the main room, the HDTV for the conference room, speakers in the patio or back yard plus another HDTV in the bedroom.

Audio input is through digital coaxial or RCA left/right channel of this splitter box and supports all digital audio format including PCM, digital S/PDIF, DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital 5.1 digital.

Daisy Chain Units
This splitter can also be cascaded together for an unlimited number of installation with numerous TV/monitoring displays and speakers

It is very easy to expand the current setup in order to accommodate larger number of display monitors and speakers. Simply daisy chaining more of these splitter units together as needed.


  • Supreme video audio splitter with built-in amplifier for all HD/SD video and digital/stereo audio devices to broadcast video & audio from a single source to multiple destination devices.
  • All-in-1 audio video distribution amplifier for all component video, composite video, PC video and digital/stereo audio signals.
  • Designed to extend and amplify video and audio signals over long cable runs while maintaining the quality and strength of the original source for each output.
  • Splits each input signal into 3 identical and buffered outputs via RCA and digital coaxial connectors for TV display,video recorder,presentation room and conferencing equipments.
  • Units can be daisy chained together for an unlimited number of installation with TV/monitoring displays and speakers without degradation to the picture or sound quality.
  • Built-in amplifier with super high 480Hz bandwidth helps maintain superior video and audio integrity and provides clear and sharp images.
  • Allows for cable runs of 500 feet at 1080p with excellent signal strength and quality retained all the way during the signal transmission.
  • Supports all HDTV and RGBHV resolutions including 480p,720p,1080i and 1080p.
  • Work with NTSC, PAL, or SECAM signals.
  • Supports all PC VGA RGB resolutions up to 2048x1536 pixels.
  • Supports all stereo and digital S/PDIF, PCM, DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.
  • When input is composite video signal, this video multiplier can allow for connection with 3 different video devices and output 3 identical and buffered signal for each input source, resulting in total of 9 outputs.
  • Ideal for presentation, video entertainment and home theatre applications.
  • Heavy-duty metal housing provides excellent shielding.

Front And Back Panel Of 3-Port HD Component Composite Video Distribution Amplifier + Digital S/PDIF Stereo Audio Splitter

  • Inputs:
    • Component video input via 3 RCA connectors 
    • PC VGA/RGBHV input via 5 RCA connectors 
    • 3 of Composite video inputs via RCA connectors
    • 1 of Digital S/PDIF audio input via coaxial connector
    • 1 of Stereo audio input via 2 RCA connectors
  • Outputs:
    • 3 of Component video outputs via 3 RCA connectors 
    • 3 of PC VGA/RGBHV outputs via 5 RCA connectors 
    • 9 of Composite video outputs via RCA connectors 
    • 3 of Digital S/PDIF audio outputs via coaxial connector
    • 3 of Stereo audio outputs via 2 RCA connectors
  • Analog audio input/output: Audio 2 Vrms max 47k ohm
  • Horizontal/Vertical Sync: 5Vp-p max
  • Horizontal Frequency: 10KHz~100KHz
  • Vertical Frequency: 20Hz~200Hz
  • Bandwidth: 480MHz (-3dB)
  • Differential gain: 0.05%
  • Differential phase: 0.05 degree
  • Power: 5V 2A~1A
  • Dimension: 5.5"(W) x 1.5"(D) x 4.1"(H)

3 In 9 Out Composite Video Splitter ~ High 480Hz Bandwidth