Click to enlarge5-Port HDMI MHL Switch + HDMI Audio Extractor

5-Port HDMI MHL Switch + HDMI Audio Extractor
This high-performance HDMI switch allows users to switch between 5 HDMI devices. If you have been limited by the HDMI inputs of your display, you can use a HDMI switch like this to avoid the hassles of constantly disconnecting and reconnecting cables when your HDMI sources outnumbers the HDMI inputs of the TV.

1 of the HDMI inputs can even support MHL type input from mobile device. MHL to HDMI adapter cable is included in the package for convenience of direct hookup.

This innovative HDMI switch is also an HDMI audio extractor. Users can extract the embedded audio from the HDMI feed and present with analog stereo or optical audio output.

Fast Input Device Switching
This unit can easily switch between various HDMI devices using the slim remote controller included in the package or the manual push buttons on the front of this HDMI switcher.

 There are individual LED indicators on the front panel for showing which HDMI input source user had selected and what audio mode being set for output.

Ultra HD 4K Video Support
This HDMI switch can support HD video inputs from 480i and up to 1080p and 4Kx2K.

HDMI To Optical And S/PDIF Coaxial Audio Output
This HDMI audio converter can extract the compressed digital audio embedded in HDMI feed such as Dolby Digital, AC3 and DTS 5.1 through its Toslink port for optical audio out.

The supported optical audio output formats include all bit stream surround such as Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1 or digital stereo such as LPCM 2-CH.

Its optical audio output support 5.1 channels of surround sound audio such as Dolby 5.1 or DTS 5.1 if the HDMI input feed has 5.1 channels embedded.

HDMI To Stereo RCA L/R Output
This devices can extract the digital 2CH PCM stereo audio signal from the HDMI input and convert it into analog stereo output through its RCA L/R output.

Easy EDID Audio Mode Switch
This HDMI swtich/audio extractor unit provides users with IR remote and manual push buttons. An audio mode button on the front panel or IR remote allows users to control their HDMI source to send between different audio modes for audio output per EDID command:

  • 5.1CH Mode: Switch to 5.1 mode (Bitstream) for the HDMI source to output bitstream audio for compressed audio such as Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1 channels or LPCM 5.1.
  • 2CH Mode: Switch to PCM 2 channel mode for the HDMI source to output digital stereo audio for analog stereo output through RCA L/R connectors.
  • Pass Mode: Switch to the pass-through mode for the HDMI source to output audio that the connected TV or AV receiver can handle. Max supports up to LPCM 7.1 channels.

ARC Audio Channel Support
Designed to work with those HDTVs with ARC(audio return channel) and your existing audio receiver system with optical audio inputs or stereo L/R inputs.

ARC channel will be converted and output through the optical audio output or stereo L/R output.

  • 5-port HDMI switch with optical Toslink/SPDIFoutput and stereo RCA L/R output.
  • Featured with 5 HDMI inputs with MHL support on 1 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output.
  • HDMI audio can be extracted through its optical audio output or stereo L/R output upon users selection and source device capability.
  • Easy operation by the push buttons on the front panel or the IR remote controller for switching the desired HDMI input channel.
  • Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM 2-CH through RCA L/R or optical out.
  • Supports compressed audio such as Dolby Digital, AC3 and DTS 5.1 through optical audio output.
  • Supports HDMI V1.4, Ultra HD 4Kx2K/30Hz, HDCP pass-through.
  • Supports 3D video and 12-bit Deep Color per channel.
  • Supports compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD,and Dolby TrueHD.
  • Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM 5.1 or PCM 2.1.
  • Supports up to 7.1CH digital surround on HDMI output.
  • Supports up to 5.1CH digital surround on Toslink output.
  • Supports up to 2.0 channel analog stereo on Stereo output.
  • Supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).
  • Supports 3.0Gbps TMDS/300MHz pixel clock rate per channel.
  • Great for home theater integration.
  • Individual LED status indicator for the selected HDMI or DVI input channel.
  • Gold-plated HDMI connectors to maintain highest digital single link video resolution.
  • Sleek and sturdy aluminum enclosure design.


  • Inputs: HDMI Female x 5
  • Outputs:
    • HDMI Female x 1
    • Optical Toslink female x 1
    • RCA x 2
  • Max Video Bandwidth: 300MHz
  • Input Selection LED: 5 LED for input status indicators
  • Input Selection:
    • Front panel push buttons
    • IR remote controller
  • Max HDMI Resolution Support: 4Kx2K
  • Audio Ouptut Format Support:
    • HDMI pass-through
    • Dolby Digital TrueHD
    • DTS-HD
    • Dolby Digital and DTS in bitstream form
    • PCM/LPCM
  • Dimension: 218mm x 106mm x 28mm
  • AC/DC Power Supply: 110-240V AC input with DC 5V 1Aoutput

  • HDMI switch
  • Power adapter
  • IR remote controller
  • MHL to HDMI adapter cable
  • User manual

5-Port HDMI MHL Switch + HDMI Audio Extractor