2-Way Digital Analog Audio Converter + Audio Pass-Through

2-Way Digital Analog Audio Converter + Audio Pass-Through
2-Way Digital Analog Audio Converter + Audio Pass-Through
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2-Way Digital Analog Audio Converter + Digital Audio Pass-Through2-Way Digital Analog Audio Converter + Audio Pass-Through
This high quality multi-purposed analog/digital audio decoder is designed for easy and simultaneous conversion between analog stereo RCA and digital audio formats.

This all-in-1 digital/analog audio converter can be used for the following purposes:

  • converting from analog stereo to digital audio for output
  • converting from digital audio to analog stereo sound for output
  • cross converting between formats of optical in toslink and coaxial S/PDIF
  • simultaneous outputs in digital and analog audio formats are provided at all times
This audio gadget helps users decode the digital audio in optical or coax type from LCD TV, Blur-ray player or other digital sources into analog sound for existing A/V receivers, pre-amp, stereo amplifiers, wireless headsets, head phones, power speakers or recording decks.   

It also can be used in a reverse way for converting analog stereo sound from devices like DVD player, iPod/MP3, computer sound card to digital audio format in both optical Toslink and coaxial formats for audio receiver, amplifier, home theater system, speaker and other receiving devices.Input LED Indicators For All-In-1 Digital/Analog Audio Format Converter

Simultaneous Digital/Analog Audio Outputs
This audio converter outputs in both digital and analog formats at all time. Any one of the three inputs( Stereo L/R, optical and coax S/PDIF) will be converted into desired format plus a pass-through of the original input by this unit, resulting in total of 3 simultaneous outputs for further distribution/broadcasting use.

For example, when input is an optical audio in LPCM 2-channel format, it will be passed through the optical out of this converter and also converted into analog stereo and digital type in coaxial formats for outputs via RCAs.

Advanced Digital LPCM Audio To Analog Stereo RCA Sound Decoding
This DAC processor helps users take the optical output from the flat screen TV and HD player and converts it to analog 2-channel stereo sound for older AV receiver or stereo headphones.
[Note]: This converter can NOT decode Dolby Digital or DTS type sound into analog stereo sound.
All DD and DTS type audio inputs can only be passed through its digital outputs accordingly and therefore no stereo output.

If you need this converter to convert from digital audio to analog stereo RCA format, please change the audio output setting on your equipment from Dolby Digital, AC-3 or DTS to LPCM or PCM audio type first before use.

Advanced Digital Audio To Analog Stereo RCA Sound Decoding Real-Time Analog Stereo To Digital Audio Format Conversion

96kHz Sampling
Featured with 8x oversampling at 96kHz sampling rate, this digital audio converter re-clocks and re-samples the incoming digital audio information. This higher frequency sampling rate reveals more detail information that is present in the master source but not audible during the normal playback of CD and accounts for a large part for the detailed resolution. 

 Real-Time Analog Stereo To Digital Audio Format Conversion
This unit adopts the advanced audio ADC processor to transcode the analog audio information digitally with precision. It takes in right and left channel of stereo audio and outputs digital S/PDIF sound simultaneously in both toslink optical and coax formats. 

The resulting digital audio output from this multi-purposed audio processor is 2-channel uncompressed LPCM type with sampling rate at 48 KHz, which is the standard form for digital audio on audio compact disks. 

Two-Way Conversion Between Optical And Coax S/PDIF 
This audio processor can also be used for cross conversion of digital audio formats between optical and coaxial S/PDIF type. 

Digital Audio Signal Repeater
This digital audio converter can be used as audio signal repeater. Audio cables connected to the outputs of this converter can run up to 16 feet while maintaining the audio signal level true to the original all the way during the signal transmission
with no degradation for maximum fidelity. 

  • High-performance bi-directional digital/analog audio converter designed for professional and home audio applications.Inputs And Outputs Of The All-In-1 Digital/Analog Audio Converter
  • Allow users listening to digital audio sources on analog stereo sound systems. Legacy audio sources such as a tape deck or VCR can be converted to 2.0 PCM for integration with an amplifier's digital input.
  • Converting from digital LPCM or PCM 2-channel audio to analog audio output.
  • Converting from analog stereo to digital audio in optical toslink and coax S/PDIF outputs simultaneously.
  • Cross conversion of digital formats between optical toslink and coaxial S/PDIF.
  • Simultaneous digital and analog audio outputs for further distribution/broadcasting.
  • Advanced digital interpolator filter with digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital decoders for maintaining the original digital/analog audio information with the same detailed sonic depth during the process.
  • Auto sampling frequencies at 32, 44.1, 48, 96KHz.
  • 24-bit incoming bit-stream on left and right channels.
  • 2-channel LPCM digital audio output at sampling rate of 48 KHz.
  • Perfect for use with LCD TV or baluns that only offer digital audio terminals.
  • Provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission.
  • Compact size with low power consumption.
  • All-around audio converter solution for home and professional A/V installation and other applications such as audio switching system, audio recorders, A/V mixers, home theater systems and other stereo broadcast equipments.

  • Audio Inputs:
    • Optical Toslink x 1
    • Coaxial x 1
    • RCA Stereo L/R x 1
  • Audio Outputs: 
    • Optical Toslink x 1
    • Coaxial x 1
    • RCA Phono x 2
  • Audio Input Support: Digital /PDIF + LPCM 2-Channel
  • Sampling Frequency: 32/44.1/48/96 Khz
  • Operating Temperature: 32F to 104F
  • L/R Input/Output Impedance: 47k ohm
  • Power Supply: DC 5V 1A

  • Digital/Analog audio converter
  • 5V DC power adapter
  • User manual