Click to enlargeComponent YPbPr A/V To Mini DIN 8-pin Video Input Output Adapter Cable

Mini DIN 8-pin To 5 RCA Component Video Audio Input/Output Adapter Cable
This video/audio adapter cable can be used as an input or output adapter cable for any multimedia video equipment that uses a mini DIN 8-pin plug-in for passing the 5 RCA component A/V input to the equipment or passing the component A/V output through a mini DIN 8-pin port.

It works in either direction and the video format/resolution will retain the same all the way.

This mini DIN 8-pin to 5 RCA component video audio cable has the following pin-out assignment:

Mini DIN 8-Pin <=======> RCA Phono Jacks
Pin 1: Green <=======> RCA Green Jack
Pin 2: Blue <=======> RCA Blue Jack
Pin 5: Red <=======> RCA Red Jack
Pin 4: Left Audio <=======> RCA White Jack
Pin 7: Right Audio <=======> RCA Red Jack

Mini DIN 8-pin To 5 RCA Component Video Audio Cable