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Run out of optical Toslink inputs on your receiver, amplifier, home theater system or HDTV set ?  No problems ! Do not need to buy a new receiver or AV equipment - simply change the audio media formats and get the same full digital signal sound quality by using this digital audio converter.

This optical to coaxial digital audio converter transforms a optical digital audio signal into a coaxial audio signal in RCA jack.  

This optical to coaxial converter will allow you to connect the Toslink optical output from your DVD, cable or satellite receiver to a coaxial digital audio input.

This digital audio format converter is powered by AC/DC adapter so it will maintain the same digital audio levels with degrading the original sound quality in the conversion process, especially in long cable runs.

Great for connecting more audio devices with Toslink optical connectors to any home theater receiver with coax inputs.

This digital audio converter works with compute sound card, CD players, DVD players, satellite receiver, DVR, Tivo, Digital Video Recorder, MP3, video game consoles like PS2/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii as well as other digital home theater and personal stereo components. 

Input And Output Of Optical Toslink To Coax (S/PDIF) PCM Format Converter

  • Turns Toslink optical audio format to coax RCA format with full digital sound quality output.
  • Delivers the most accurate bit stream transfer for the clearest and smoothest sound from your digital audio device for maximum audio clarity and resolution.
  • Helps bridge the gap between receivers, HDTV or home theater components with different digital audio interconnects.
  • Perfect audio adapter for high-end digital audio systems.
  • Ideal for Computer audio cards, DAT recorders, CD Players, CD Recorders, DVD Players, Home Receiver, satellite, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PS3 and other types of digital audio gear using Toslink optical interface and connected to receiver, amplifier, home theater equipments, HDTV, Plasma panel, LCD TV or any digital stereo audio systems with S/PDIF coaxial input.
  • Power adapter included.

  • Input: Optical Digital Audio via Toslink connector
  • Output: Coaxial Digital PCM Audio via RCA connector
  • Power Consumption: 50mA
  • Power Supply: 110V AC to 6V DC @ 250mA 
  • Size: 0.8" High x " 2.8 Wide x 1.8 " Deep (20mm x 71 mm x 46 mm)

Connection Diagram Of Optical Toslink To Coax (S/PDIF) PCM Format Converter

Digital Optical Toslink To Coax S/PDIF Converter