4-Channel USB Quad Video Real-Time DVR Adapter - 120 fps

4-Channel USB Quad Video Real-Time DVR Adapter - 120 fps
4-Channel USB Quad Video Real-Time DVR Adapter - 120 fps
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4-Channel USB Quad Video DVR Adapter - 120 fps
This USB-based USB video capture device is a cost-effective video surveillance solution by combining 4 video inputs together for one screen display. Great tool for visual applications related with video monitoring, multimedia presentation or home security systems.

It turns your PC into a full-featured video recorder for security surveillance or video capturing. This USB DVR adapter combines all-in-1 functions of quad video multiplexer, motion sensor, and digital video recorder into one single USB hardware so users do not need to purchase all components separately.

This DVR adapter unit is featured with 4 hardware chips for real-time multi-tasking operations with full 30 frames/sec for each input channel, unlike other cheaper models using only one video processor for all 4 channels,  resulting in lags, frame drops occurred in display and recording.

Full-featured DVR software is provided for the multi-tasking surveillance setup, live monitoring, recording and playback at the same time.

This unit supports both NTSC and PAL video inputs with automatic frame rate conversion for best video performance.

4 Video Inputs With 4 Audio Inputs
This USB quad video switch supports total of 4 standard video inputs and 4 of RCA mono audio inputs so each video input has its audio input channel to be associated with.

User can use the mouse to click on the desired input screen for single channel full screen display or revert back to quad screen display. Audio button in the DVR software available to turn on or mute the audio channel for audio monitoring or recording purpose.

Surveillance Camera Live View On PC Screen
This USB video audio adapter is a simple and fast solution for displaying live camera pictures on a PC screen without using a TV or video monitor. 

Multi-Channel Real Time Recording
This unit PC-based video grame grabber is featured with 4 hardware video chips for multi-viewing and real time recording.

It will record all video/camera channels simultaneously in real time with full 30 fps per channel (total 120 fps in NTSC or 100fps in PAL).

The DVR software can be programmed to record continuously, or at scheduled times, or when triggered by motion detection. Recording quality is adjustable, with selectable settings to choose from. 

This 4-channel USB DVR adapter supports multiple recording modes including:

  • Scheduled recording: users can customize the recording schedule flexibly on any camera channel selected or all channels for one time only, certain time period, daily or any selected week days.
  • Motion recording: this allows PC to start recording only when motion is detected. A video clip will be prepared for any motion event for playback later.
  • Sensor alarm recording: this allows PC to start recording when the external sensor/alarm is connected and triggered by events.
  • Circular recording: Users can set recording storage sequence for HDD partitions. The recording storage will automatically swap to the next partition when it is full. If all the partitions are full and recycling record mode is enabled, the former recorded data will be covered by new data. Users can also set HDD minimum storage alarm. Then once the present storage space is less then the minimum storage and recycling record mode is not enabled, the record will automatically stop.

Advanced Motion Detection
This 4-channel USB quad video processor system supports software motion detection on all camera channels. No external motion detector hardware needed and great for all video monitoring and security surveillance applications.

Once movement is detected, the DVR software will automatically start the recording. Motion-activated recording style saves hard drive storage space because computer will record only movement being detected. 

Uers certainly still have the option to set this USB DVR system for 24/7 continuous recording.

Motion detection areas are manually adjustable by users from the DVR software. Users can set motion detection area and select various sensitivity level needed for each input video channel. The system begins to record only when motion of the detected object happens, and it will stop recording after a certain period, this function is adjustable by users.

Alarm Sound And Alert Setup
The DVR software supports 2 alarm type. When the video signal is lost or motion being detected, the alarm buzzer sound for audible alert will go off from the PC speaker accordingly to scare off intruders.

Users also have option in the DVR software to set up camera loss alert by both email notice and alarm sound through PC speakers in case someone tries to damage cameras on purpose.  An alert email can be sent to users. If users are on the site, they can be notified by the siren sound from the PC speakers.

Time/Date Stamp Support
DVR software has option to show information of date, current time, channel description/title on video channels for display purpose and recording/capturing sessions. The date/time stamp can also be turned off manually too from the setup menu.

PTZ Control
This USB hardware and software bundle also supports Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. It supports remote pan, tilt and zoom function to zoom in/out or adjust the view angle of the camera for a better image, or it can pan and tilt the camera to different position of interest for better surveillance.

Snap Shot Still Image
This USB video surveillance device supports snap shot function, which can be manually enabled or enabled by motion detected when monitoring live image. Sharp and clear still images can be saved in the PC for reviews.

Easy Search For Playback
The DVR software included provides convenient smart search function so users can quickly find the video footage easily. Users can search by date/time, camera, record mode, and random combination of the three methods.

  • All-In-1 USB surveillance system combining functions of quad video multiplexed, motion sensor and digital video recorder together into one package.
  • Professional PC-based DVR adapter featured with 4 hardware video processors for multi-tasking operation with full frames at 30 fps for each video channel.
  • Video frames are displayed and captured simultaneously from all 4 channels in real time with no lags. 
  • Real-time monitoring and recording in full frames for smooth playback. Never miss a move on intruders.
  • Total capturing rate at 120 fps/100 fps for NTSC/PAL systems.
  • Recording in MPEG4 compression format, greatly reduce hard drive storage usage.
  • 4 composite RCA video/audio inputs with one USB 2.0 output to the PC system.
  • Multi-tasking surveillance setup for live monitoring, recording and playback at the same time. Great for all visual applications that require fast feedbacks.
  • Selectable 4 main recording modes: schedule recording, motion detection recording, sensor alarm recording, circular/recycling recording.
  • Supports date/time stamp for visual and recording.
  • Supports resolution of 640x480/320x240 pixels for NTSC format or 720x576/352x288 pixels for PAL format.
  • Each camera video color quality is adjustable from the screen setup for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness control for each individual channel.
  • Complete playback controls including playing back, pause, stop, fast-forward, single-frame play and still image capture.
  • Easy search key of the recorded video footage via date/time, camera, record mode, and random combination of the three methods.
  • Remote surveillance and PTZ control through LAN, Intranet, and Internet.
  • Supports recorded files backup, delete by date/time, camera.
  • Supports alarm pre-record.
  • Supports alarm buzzer function through PC speakers.
  • Supports Win7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000.

  • Video Audio Input:
    • RCA x 4 for 4 standard video inputs
    • RCA x 4 for 4 audio inputs
  • Max Frame Capture Rate:
    • 120 fps for NTSC
    • 100 fps for PAL
  • Displaying/Recording Resolution
    • NTSC: 320x240, 640 x 480 pixels
    • PAL: 352x288, 720 x 576 pixels
  • Video Compression: MPEG4
  • Recording Modes: 
    • Scheduled recording
    • Motion recording
    • Manual recording
    • Circular recording
    • Continuous recording
  • Motion Detection:
    • User-defined motion monitoring area
    • Motion detected will be recorded in digital files and can be played through PC speaker for audible alert.
  • Alarm Sound: 
    • Camera signal loss alarm
    • Video motion detection alarm
    • Sensor alarm (optional)
  • Camera Color Quality Control: Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation
  • Window OS Support: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7

  • 4-Channel USB DVR adapter unit
  • DVR software CD with driver
  • User manual copy