Click to enlargeDual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video Mixer Scaler Switcher

Dual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video MixerDual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video Mixer Scaler Switcher Scaler Switcher
This dual channel VGA DVI video mixer is an ideal solution for visual applications where two video source signals needs to be displayed on the same screen. It is a very handy video equipment for multimedia presentations, training, videoconferencing, and other applications. 

This advanced split-screen video processor allows users to effortlessly combine any two video feeds on a single display. This unit supports up to 4 video inputs for viewing videos from either two computers or two video signals in composite video or component video format or a combination of both for simultaneous viewing on one screen display. 

Any two inputs can be mixed and outputted simultaneously in Picture-In-Picture (PIP) modes with adjustable window size and screen position. This video mixer also can support side-by-side split screen mode(PAP). All screen modes can be presented in original aspect ratio or fit to screen. 

Users can use the supplied IR remote controller for fast operation such as selecting video input type, video screen mode others from on-screen menu. More detailed screen controls such as the video window position, sizes of the output images and image freeze can be achieved through the RS232 software control using a PC with RS232 link with this video mixer.

Its embedded video converter/scaler function of this VGA DVI mixer is also a very flexible video processor designed for cross conversion between analog and digital video formats in any way wanted. It can up-convert both analog video and computer inputs to VGA or DVI type and matching the native resolution of the display used for optimal performance with user-selectable output settings.Dual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video Mixer

The maximum VGA/DVI output from this video process is up to 1920x1200 pixels or HD 1080p. Video signals are processed and enhanced to bring out the highest possible image quality for all flat LCD monitors, projectors, LCD TV and all other compatible displays.

This video screen processor is a multi-tasking system and can be suited for many different purposes.  Featured with multiple inputs and dual video output. All input video formats can be transcoded and up/down converted accordingly. This video processor is not only a mixer but also  used as an all-in-1 video splitter, video converter and video switcher. Use it in any way you want.

This is an absolute must for HD home theater system, high definition PC gaming, web TV, trade show, business presentation, home PC entertainment and other commercial A/V installations. 

Multi-Channel Video Switch With VGA DVI Output
This split-screen VGA/DVI PIP processor is a high-quality video switcher. It is featured with multiple video inputs including computer DVI/VGA inputs and analog SD/HD video inputs in component or composite video format.
User can easily select any 2 video channels among all the video input devices connected for image processing. 

Users can command total of 4 combined video inputs as follows:

  • Main VGA input x 1
  • Composite RCA video x 1
  • All-in-1 DVI/VGA/Component Video input x 1 upon user's selection via using the adapter cables supplied. User may select single input or combination of two between DVI, VGA  and Component YPbPr type for simultaneous viewing.

All the operations can be done via the OSD menu using the supplied IR remote controller or using a PC with the RS232 software installed for controlling this video mixer through the console link.

This switcher is designed for broadcast, professional video and high-end surveillance applications. The selected input can be displayed simultaneously in analog and digital, in full screen or in a dual-window mode. The inputs are frame-synchronized and the output is displayed in real time with no latency.Dual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video Mixer

Dual outputs are provided in both analog (VGA) and digital (DVI) format, one is connected to remote display and the other is connected to on-site display for real time monitoring. 

Input Connection Diagram For  Ambery MPV-100 Model VGA DVI Video Mixer With PIP Video

PIP/PAP SupportRS232 Console Control For Ambery MPV-100 Model
This multi-function video mixer supports various screen modes including Picture-In-Picture (PIP), 2-channel split-screen(PAP) and full-screen display for single channel. Video source signals are displayed in real time with no frame loss.

With PIP support, users can view two video sources on the same TV, one video shown in the main TV screen with 2nd video shown in smaller video window on top of the main channel. The video feeds can be from live video cameras, VCR/DVD players, camcorders, satellite receiver, cable box, computer, surveillance camera and so on. This is particularly useful for users to watch internet video, DVD movie, cable channel or satellite TV while keeping an eye on the nanny cam or surveillance camera video from the smaller PIP sub video window on the same screen. Never miss a move or favorite TV program.

Major PIP/PAP functions of this unit are provided as follows:

  • adjustable PIP window location and size via using the RS232 software linked with a PC for console and distant remote control.
  • selectable  video device inputs for the main video screen and the sub PIP screen. 
  • PIP screen to be shown with or without border lines. 
  • fast swap between main video channel and the PIP channel.
  • Image freeze control on both main channel and sub video channel through remote control or RS232 software, enabling video frames to be paused or captured for extended period of time for detailed presentation. 

Multiple Split-Screen Modes

VGA 1 + VGA 2 / PAP Mode VGA 1 + DVI / PIP Mode DVI + VGA2 / PIP Mode
VGA 1 + VGA2 / PAP mode VGA 2 + DVI / PAP Mode Composite Video + VGA / PIP
Composite + Component Video Composite + Component Video  DVI + Component Video / PIP

Detail Enhancement With Cinema Quality
Watching standard-definition (SD) images on HD displays often produces a blurring effect resulting in a disappointing visual experience. The featured detail enhancement function of this video processor will greatly help user improve the image detail on a pixel-by-pixel basis, delivering sharper and clear images.

This device is intended for transmission of the image in DVI and VGA formats on the video displays or video walls.

Multi-Format Analog Digital Video Cross Conversion
This innovative digital multimedia system is able to convert all analog composite video, computer VGA and HD component signals to near-HD quality. It upconverts each individual input through the advanced video processing for most natural and cinema quality video images.

It supports high-clarity applications in selectable HD and computer resolutions in both digital and analog formats up to 1920 x 1200 pixels or 1080p HD output. The digital DVI/HDMI output is put through the DVI connector while the analog video output will be put through the VGA connector. This digital video converter can also be used for all HDMI devices or HDMI displays via a DVI to HDMI adapter or cable.

This professional model provides comprehensive solutions such as HD/SD video resolution scaling up/scaling down, PC VGA to HD TV conversion and multiple digital/analog video format conversion and video resolution scaling from VGA, composite video, component video, DVI/HDMI inputs to DVI VGA types. The suitable product applications are as follows:

  • PC VGA to VGA/DVI/HDMI Scaling
    • PC or Mac computer users can up or down convert their computer resolution externally to levels that their monitors can handle without spending extra money on upgrading existing graphic card in the computer. 
    • Maximum VGA or DVI output resolutions are 1920x1200 pixels.
    • Enables users to connect laptop/desktop PC or Mac or legacy computers equipped with VGA connection to the newer and larger flat panel DVI monitor or HDMI-based TV or projection displays.
    • Maximum DVI or HDMI video output resolution is 1080p or 1920x1200 pixels.
  • Composite Video To VGA/DVI/HDMI Video ScalingFront And Back Panel Of the Dual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video Mixer Scaler Switcher
    • Converts standard composite type videos into VGA or digital DVI/HDMI for the true high definition video experience.
    • Maximum VGA/DVI output is 1920x1200 pixels or HDMI output at 1080i/1080p(1920x1080)via a DVI to HDMI adapter cable.
  • Component Video to VGA/DVI/HDMI Video Scaling
    • Converts all component videos into VGA or digital DVI/HDMI format instantly for the true high definition video experience.
    • A unique feature to let you watch their HDTV or digital satellite videos on any VGA display like computer monitor, LCD/DLP projector or HDTV with RGBHV inputs. 
    • Maximum VGA/DVI RGB output is 1920x1200 pixels or HDMI output at 1080i/1080p (1920x1080) via a DVI to HDMI adapter cable.
  • DVI to VGA/DVI/HDMI Scaling
    • Easily connecting the digital DVI signals from PC or Mac system to VGA monitor or projector with VGA inputs. VGA connectors are still more readily available than the DVI interconnects from current display technologies.
    • Turn any DVI-based computer outputs to VGA type.
    • Any DVI-based PC or Mac computer users can up convert or down convert their computer resolution externally to levels that their monitors can handle without spending extra money on upgrading existing graphic card in the computer. 
    • Maximum VGA output resolution is 1920x1200 pixels or 1080i/1080p RGB.
    • Maximum HDMI video output resolution is 1080p or 1920x1200 pixels.
DVI/VGA/Component Input Resolution  VGA Input 2 Resolution Support DVI/VGA Output Resolution Support

External RS232 Software Control
This split-screen video system is a stand alone unit, useable out of the box for easy setup. For even greater customization, this system also provides a RS232 9-pin serial port for console connection with PC so users can easily customize the setup and enable configuration through the control software. This optional control software provides quick and convenient control of a number of screen mode functions, enabling easy configuration and customizable versatility.

For true customization, each video windows can be adjusted manually through the RS232 control software. This control software allows users to freely customize the size and position of video windows in any desired way and the new split screen layout will be displayed in real time on the screen.

Setup information such as image parameters and video window layouts can be saved as configuration files and stored in computer, which can greatly helps users quickly set and recall configuration layouts or presets when system is used next time for the fast setup without re-configuring the system again.

Other useful features provided by the RS232 control software including:

  • video input selection for main window, PIP window or PAP window.
  • controlling video windows' sizes.
  • positioning video windows on the screen .
  • controlling video output resolution.
  • channel swapping between main window and PIP window
  • background color selection
  • Image freeze controls on both main and sub video channel, enabling video frames to be paused or captured for extended time.
  • Image quality control for brightness/contrast/hue/saturation/sharpness

A versatile on-screen display provides customizable on-screen labels, borders and alarms to meet the varied needs of users.

RS232 Control Software Screens

Dual-Channel Frame Synchronizer
This digital video processor system is featured with dual-channel frame synchronized output and switching. The internal frame synchronizer can help re-generate all sync signals from inputs for smooth and quality video output.

Worldwide Video System Support
It also conveniently supports worldwide video standards including NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM.

Daisy Chain Setup
This video mixer can be used as standalone unit or cascaded together to process more computer and video inputs. More of these video mixers can be daisy chained to form a large display system, allowing professional installers for expanding current customer's setup needed at any stage 

Easy Operation And Setup
This unit provides fast manual operation using the remote controller supplied. All major functions can be accessed through the on-screen OSD menu. All the control functions available includes:

  • main video source control for image quality, color, position, border and PIP selection.
  • sub video source control for image quality, color, position, border and PIP selection.
  • OSD control
  • screen output resolution control
  • factory reset
OSD On-Screen Menu Screenshots
On-Screen Menu  Video Image Quality Control Video Color Control
PIP Window Control Video Channel Position Control Factory Reset
OSD Menu Control Output Resolution Control Video Color Control

  • Professional VGA DVI video mixer for displaying dual video or computer screens on single TV monitor with optimized image quality and sensational results.
  • All-in-1 video mixer, multi-format video converter, video switcher and video splitter.
  • Supports analog and digital video input signals simultaneously.
  • Premium video scaler solution for HD/SD video resolution scaling up/down and digital/analog video format cross conversion to deliver highest quality graphics, fine text and crisp HD video.
  • Total HDTV and HD PC solution with selectable digital/analog video outputs up to 1080P or 1920x1200 pixels.
  • Dual VGA/DVI outputs are provided so one is connected for simultaneous remote display and real time on-site monitoring. 
  • Featured with dual-channel frame synchronizer allowing video mixing of any two A/V sources in real time with no lags.
  • Dynamic PIP window borders, background color and titling with outstanding image quality.
  • Adjustable PIP/PAP video window sizes and position through the RS232 software.
  • Image freeze control on both main channel and sub video channel through remote control or RS232 software, enabling video frames to be paused or captured for extended period of time for detailed presentation. 
  • Supports easy SWAP function for interchanging video channels. The main video channel and the PIP sub window can be swapped effortlessly and instantly showing on the screen display.
  • Editable video window titles for easy identification.
  • Selectable video windows sizing, positioning, horizontal/vertical flip, zoom/pan and blend functions for output video.
  • Easy on-screen OSD setup menu for configuration.
  • Image parameters and layouts can be saved as the configuration files and can be loaded for later use.
  • Cascade modules to add more input source signals in video windows to be displayed on one monitor.
  • RS232 control software supports all windows OS including Win98/ME/2000/Vista and Win7.
  • Worldwide video system support for all NTSC and PAL inputs.
  • Auto power-saving mode support.

Video Inputs
  • VGA port x 1
  • All-In-1 DVI/VGA/Component RGB port x 1
  • Composite RCA port x 1
Video Outputs   DVI-D + VGA
Dual output support   Yes
Video bandwidth
  • DVI [Single-link 4.95Gbps]
  • VGA [165MHz]
  • Component/YUV RGB [30MHz]
  • Composite [13.5MHz]
Video Output Resolution support
  • 800x600 @60Hz
  • 1024x768 @60Hz
  • 1152x864 @75Hz
  • 1280x720 @50/60Hz
  • 1280x768 @60Hz
  • 1280x1024 @50/60Hz
  • 1366x768 @60Hz
  • 1400x1050 @50/60Hz
  • 1440x900 @60Hz
  • 1600x1200 @60Hz
  • 1920x1080 @50/60Hz
  • 1920x1200 @50/60Hz
User Control
  • RS-232 console port 
  • IR remote controller
  • Manual dip switch
Split Screen Modes
  • PIP (Picture-In-Picture)
  • PAP (Picture-And-Picture)
  • Split-screen mode
  • Full Screen mode
Housing   Metal enclosure
Dimensions (L x W x H)   7.2"(L) x 4"(W) x 1.0"(H) or 180mm x 103mm x 26mm
Power supply   5V 4A DC
Power consumption   10 Watts [max]
Operation temperature

  0~40 degree C [32~104 degree F]

Storage temperature   -20~60 degree C [-4~140 degree F]

  • Video mixer unit 
  • DVI to DVI/VGA breakout cable
  • D-sub 15-pin VGA to 3 RCA component video adapter cable
  • DVI to VGA jack adapter
  • IR remote controller 
  • Software CD
  • AC/D power adapter
  • User Guide

Dual-Channel VGA DVI PIP Video Mixer Scaler Switcher