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IR Remote Over HDMI Extender KitIR Remote Over HDMI Extender Kit
Controlling audio/video devices not within clear line of sight is easier than ever now. This IR remote control over HDMI extender kit enables you to use your IR remote to control distant HDMI devices that are located out of sight, in another room or inside the cabinet with ease. 

When you install your HDTV on a wall, or hide your video source devices in another room or closet, you break the line-of-site view of your video devices that the typical Ir remote controls rely on. 

This IR extender kit can help you route your remote's IR signal directly to your source device through the existing HDMI cable run with 1-minute setup. 

This kit combines the external IR remote control signal with HDMI feed together so you can use your existing HDMI cable to carry the IR signal from one room to the other.

Its design is to use the HDMI cable's CEC channel to transmit the IR signal. Users can switch between CEC or IR mode. This IR remote over HDMI kit uses the unused CEC channel of your HDMI cable connection for injecting the IR signal through the same HDMI cable run. 

CEC channel is only used for limited kind of HDTVs that can send control commands to your video sources. So if your HDTV supports CEC link, you do not need to extend your remote controls. The unit has a switch that allows you to switch between IR channel insertion and CEC channel use.

Easy Setup
The kit consists of two small IR to HDMI adapters that will join with each end of your HDMI cable. Each one of the two IR to HDMI modules has a 3.5mm jack on the side for users to plug the IR receiver pigtail or IR transmitter pigtail into the HDMI adapter module for merging with HDMI signal together into one for cable transmission.

The IR receiver module combined with one IR to HDMI adapter should be joined with the end of the HDMI cable that goes into your HDMI display or HDTV. 

The IR transmitter module combined with the 2nd IR to HDMI adapter is joined with the end of HDMI cable that connects with your HDMI equipment such as Blu-ray player, HD cable box, video game console, etc.

Great Control Range
The maximum effective range that this IR control extender kit allows is up to 300 feet. It can also be used with HDMI switches, HDMI splitters, or HDMI extenders for daisy chain connection.

Simple Operation
The IR receiver is used for accepting the IR remote signal emitted from your device's remote control signal and sending the IR remote signal back to where the IR transmitter module is located.

The IR transmitter module regenerates the IR control signal and beams it toward he IR sensor window of your HDMI equipment. Users can use double-sided adhesive tape to fix the IR transmitter dongle and IR receiver dongle into place.

Easy Extender Wire Extension
Both the receiver module and transmitter module have 4.5-feet long IR extender wire. If you need to extend this extender wire for longer distance, you can simply use longer 3.5mm audio extension cable on both ends of the wire since 3.5mm stereo cable is more readily available for much longer distance.

  • Combine the IR control signal with HDMI signal into one cable run.
  • Accurate and reliable reproduction of digital video signal, with no signal attenuation or distortion.
  • Control your source device, such as a Blu-ray player even when it is inside the closed cabinet or room.
  • Can be used on HDMI cables, HDMI switches, HDMI splitters, and HDMI extenders.
  • The IR control kit allows the IR remote signal extensions for up to 300 feet.
  • Selectable IR mode or CEC mode for operation.
  • IR remote extender/senor wire can be easily extended using longer 3.5mm audio cable for the distant setup.
  • Works with most DVD players, home theater systems, satellite receivers, cable boxes, stereo receivers, audio video receivers and any other infrared remote control operated devices.
  • Elegant and compact design of the transmitter and receiver is well fitted with modern home theater design.
  • No external power needed.

  • IR to HDMI module x 2
  • IR transmitter dongle x 1
  • IR receiver dongle x 1
  • IR remote extension wire x 2


IR Remote Over HDMI Extender Kit