1 In 4 Out VGA Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier - 500Mhz

1 In 4 Out VGA Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier - 500Mhz
1 In 4 Out VGA Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier - 500Mhz
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1 In 4 Out VGA Video Splitter Distribution Amplifier - 500Mhz
This high-grade VGA splitter is a great video distributor to duplicate the computer video for more displays and also boost the the video signals to longer distance without any quality loss over the long cable run up to 300 feet without signal loss, making this VGA splitter an excellent choice for computer video broadcast systems.

This VGA RGBHV video splitter will work all types of VGA displays. Also recommended for use with the graphics workstations.

Easy Installation
This VGA splitter works on all Windows and Mac OS platforms. All plug and play without driver installation needed. 

High 500Mzh Bandwidth

The unit's ultra high 500 MHz bandwidth makes it possible to handle VGA resolutions up to 2048x1536 pixels in true color mode and provides clear and sharp images.

The input signal will be amplified and distributed via its internal booster circuitry to ensure that both outputs are of identical quality to the original computer input signal and also transmit the VGA signal effectively. Maximum transmission distance can be up to 300ft. 

Daisy Chain Units

This VGA splitter is very expandable for daisy-chain connection. Multiple of these VGA splitters can work together for accommodating more monitor. This VGA video amp distributor can also be cascaded with other VGA switches, VGA matrix and so on for large-scale presentation setup.

Effective Video Broadcasting
Impress your audience with high-resolution multi-screen presentations. This VGA video splitter is perfect for public video broadcasting, classrooms, tradeshows, or in-store displays where high quality video on several monitors is needed. 

  • Premium VGA splitter solution for VGA video distribution to 4 monitors simultaneously.
  • Perfect VGA signal booster amplifier for best performance. Maximum transmission distance up to 300ft.
  • Daisy chain capability. Able to daisy-chain multiple units to generate more outputs to expand the monitor pools for larger display setup.
  • Compatible with all SVGA monitors, projectors and flat panel TVs with VGA inputs.
  • Supports supreme high VGA resolution up to 2048x1536 pixels at 500MHz bandwidth.
  • Maintains sharp, clear video images at any resolution for all SVGA and Multi-Sync monitors.
  • All hardware operation with no driver installation needed.
  • Work on any VGA hardware platform with all operating systems.
  • All metal casing in small form factor.

  • VGA Input Connector:  D-sub HD 15-Pin Female x 1
  • VGA Output Connector:  D-sub HD 15-Pin Female x 4
  • Video Bandwidth: 500Mhz
  • Max VGA Resolution Support: 2048x1536 pixels 
  • Power Supply: 9V DC 600mA DC Output

  • 4-Port VGA splitter
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • User manual