Composite RCA Video To USB DVR Recorder Adapter For Apple Mac OS

Composite RCA Video To USB DVR Recorder Adapter For Apple Mac OS
Item# DM420

Composite RCA S-Video To USB DVR Recorder Adapter For Apple Mac OS
This USB video capture device is specifically designed for Apple Mac systems. It can turn your MacBook, iMac, Mac mini into a full-featured video recorder and player.

A must-have video grabber for empowering your Mac computer with external video audio input and great tool for digitizing video/audio feeds and video footage recording for great visual aide, educational training or streaming on the internet from the captured video clips or images.

This USB video adapter provides an easy and cost-efficient analog video digitizer hardware/software solution for Mac users to watch, capture or record live video from DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, CCTV cam, game console and so on and save recorded video footage in digital files.

Digitalized video data can also be used for great visual aide for business presentations, education or creating high impact multimedia content. User can also upload the saved video feed to YouTube or other web video server for broadcasting on the internet.

No driver installation needed and no software disc needed at all. After plugging this usb DVR video adapter into a USB port, your Mac system is instantly transformed into a personal video recorder, video editor/player for multimedia projects, home entertainment and visual presentation. 

This USB DVR capture device fully supports Mac OS 9.X and OS X V10.X running in:

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • iMac
  • Mac mini

Plug And Play Setup - No Driver Needed
Absolutely no driver installation needed for this usb video grabber when used in Mac systems. Simple as plug and play. The easiest model for Mac users of all levels. Unit will become ready for use in 1 minute ! 

The video playback, viewing or recording will be done through the QuickTime Player in Mac OS.

Expand MacBook iMac With Video Audio Input
Most of the laptop or desktop apple computers do not have video inputs. By plugging this USB capture device into your apple computer, you can instantly expand your Mac computer with 1 of composite RCA video input, 1 of S-Video input and 1 stereo L/R input for hookup with VCR/DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, camcorder, CCTV camera or game console so you can use your MacBook or iMac for real time video viewing or recording before editing, streaming or further disc production.

High Quality Digital H.264 Recording 
Users can capture or record external video feeds into their Mac from a VCR, DVD player, DVR, camcorder, video camera, game console or any other analogue video device in high-resolution H.264 or MPEG4.

The recorded videos can also be further encoded in 480p, 720p or 1080p depending on the raw video quality. The recorded video feeds can also be exported in other Apple DV digital formats first before adding to iTune or sync with your iPad, iPhone and Apple TV or edit it right away in iMovie or other 3rd party video software.

PIP Video Viewing Encoding Recorded Video H.264 MP4 Recording Export For iPhone iPad

Picture-In-Picture Viewing
This USB DVR device also supports picture-on-picture function, meaning that users can watch TV, DVD movie, satellite video, game play feed or playback of recorded video while working on the computer at the same time on one screen.

The video window screen can always stay on top of the computer screen. The video window can be moved to any location on the computer screen and the screen size is resizable and up to full screen for display.

Once starting up the QuickTime player, the video sub window will pop up on the computer screen. This video window can stay on top of all other software application windows so users can remain using the computer for other tasks while viewing the video feed from your cable box, satellite receiver, game console or CCTV surveillance camera at the time.

The PIP video window location and size can also be relocated and re-sized or stay full screen for display.

Digitize Your Analog Video Collection
This USB A/V adapter helps digitize all your VHS tapes and other analog video contents into digital H.264/MP4 formats. 

Before the VHS tapes get worn out, users can convert their video collection into digital files for storage, DVD disc production or further editing through using 3rd party video software.

Advanced A/D Conversion
This USB 2.0 video capture device adopted the advanced analog to digital conversion so the captured video is free of error with optimal color and clarity retained.

Video Content Editing
Mac users can edit the contents they recorded using the QuickTime player in Mac OS for various tasks including:

  • remove unwanted footage from the recorded files
  • split and re-arrange clips: split a single file into multiple clips if users wanting to pull part of a clip out of a larger video file
  • cut, copy, paste and remove video clips for media between different files
  • rotate or flip a video file that is upside down or reversed

Surveillance Camera Live View On Mac Screen
This USB video capture device is also great for displaying live camera pictures on computer screen without a TV or video monitor needed. 

Users can connect any type of video camera such as CCTV surveillance camera, wireless camera, microscope camera or camcorder to this USB adapter installed with Mac so they can view camera feeds on the computer monitor screen in real time for visual display, monitoring or recording.

Regular video camera can also be used a web cam through the help of this USB video adapter.

Disc Production
If your Mac has a built-in optical drive, or hooked up with an external DVD burner, you can burn video files to CDs and DVDs using the Finder, or apps like iTunes. Discs you burn on your Mac can also be used in Windows-based PC and home DVD player.


  • Advanced and easy USB video capture hardware solution to expand Macbook, iMac or Mac mini systems with 1 RCA video input, 1 of S-Video input and 1 stereo L/R input.
  • Cost-efficient USB-based digital video recorder, editor and video encoder for capturing video/audio from home A/V devices and store the recorded content into hard drive for playback or disc production.
  • Smooth video/audio transfer from DVD/VCR player, cable box, satellite box, game console, etc. into Mac through USB connection.
  • Plug and play setup. No driver installation needed for users of all levels.
  • Advanced analog video digitizer for error-free analog to digital MPEG conversion with optimal color and clarity.
  • Supports Picture-In-Picture mode so video window and other software screens can be displayed together while users can remain using computer for other tasks.
  • Supports live view of CCTV surveillance camera on Mac computer screen.
  • Digitize VHS and other analog video contents into H.264/MP4 formats for storage, DVD disc production or editing.
  • Supports video capture in high-resolution H.264 / MP4 format at 640x480 pixels.
  • Recorded videos can also be encoded into 480p, 720p or 1080p depending on the raw video quality. 
  • Supports audio capture in AAC format up to 256K/48 kHz.
  • The recorded video feeds can be exported in other Apple DV digital formats first before adding to iTune or sync with your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or edit it right away in other video editing software.
  • Direct burn the recorded files to CD/DVD discs using the Finder, or apps like iTunes through the DVD burner if available for your Mac system.
  • Supports video and audio inputs from worldwide NTSC, PAL and SECAM devices.
  • Supports Mac OS from 9.X and all later Mac OS X 10.X versions.

  • Device Interface: USB 2.0
  • Video Inputs:
    • Composite RCA video input x 1
    • S-Video input x 1
  • Audio Input: stereo RCA L/R audio input x 1
  • Max Video Capture Resolution: 640x480 pixels at 25 fps for both NTSC and PAL input
  • Video Recording Format Support: H.264 / MPEG-4
  • Audio Recording Format Support: AAC, 256k, 48kHz
  • Video System Support: NTSC and PAL
  • Mac OS Support: from 9.X and all later Mac OS X 10.X versions
  • Power Supply: USB powered operation

  • USB 2.0 video grabber adapter unit x 1
  • User manual