Smart 8-Port Metered Power Strip W/ Current Monitoring 1U Rack

Smart 8-Port Metered Power Strip W/ Current Monitoring 1U Rack
Smart 8-Port Metered Power Strip W/ Current Monitoring 1U Rack
Item# MPDU1

8-Port Metered Power Strip With Current Meter And Alarm Buzzer
This intelligent metered power strip is a very helpful power control device for IT engineers to use when arranging the power supplies for equipments. 

Users can immediately observe the impact on the cumulative current draw when new equipment is added so engineer can safely load each circuit properly without taking the risk of overloading the power circuits.

This metered PDU slave unit has a total of 8 NEMA 5-15/20R output receptacles with 15 ft. AC power cord and 15 amp circuit breaker in rugged metal case design.

Also featured with real-time monitoring of the power loads from power devices connected through its digital LED meter.

Supports max 15 amp/110-230 volt capacity in a versatile multi-mount housing, allowing users to distribute power throughout a rack or cabinet. 

Daisy Chain Connection For Multiple PDU Units

LED Meter Display For Monitoring Electric Power Consumption
Its built-in digital LED panel displays total power current reading for all the powered devices connected to this PDU unit, great for engineers to safely load each circuit to its maximum allowable load capacity without the danger of overloading the power circuit. 

Also very beneficial for data center use for helping the system administrator monitor the total power consumption information from its current meter reading and able to timely re-arrange all the connected powered equipments to ensure sufficient power distribution for their blade servers.

Daisy Chain Connection For Multiple PDU Units

Easy Setup
Users can set up the warning point by using the using the function button on the front panel of this smart metered power strip device to alert the administrator when the total power consumption exceeds this pre-set value.

When the meter reading exceeds the preset trigger point value, the PDU's alarm light will constantly illuminate and the alarm buzzer will go off at the same time.

Built-In Alarm Light And Buzzer For Warning Of Power Overload Events
Its user-defined programmable overload trigger/alarm function benefits the IT administrator for preventing a potential circuit overload and critical system failure from happening and saving resources.

Its alarm light will keep flashing and the buzzer will go off when the total power consumption has ever exceeded the preset value. Administrator can always find out the  peak value that had triggered the alarm by simply pressing the Function key from the power strip itself.

Daisy Chain Connection For Multiple PDU Units

Remote Control Of Metered PDU Through Web
This smart power strip can work by itself for local monitoring of the AC power distribution or co-operate with the optional PDU server unit.

The optional PDU server unit offers instant power monitoring via network, LCD panel to display power consumption, circuit breaker to avoid overload damage, E-mail and SNMP Trap to send warning message to manager.

The optional PDU server unit helps administrator with tasks like:

  • taking control in monitoring power consumption status of each smart power strip connected to it.
  • keeping track of the site temperature and humidity of the environment
  • sending out alert emails and SNMP trap info to authorized personnel for warning of abnormal power events and taking preventative procedures to stop the overload and unusual power surge in time through the Internet instead of sending IT personnel on site for inspection.
  • detecting the movement of rack door to prevent someone open the door to do unauthorized operation.

1U Rack-Mountable Design
Detachable rack mount ears are configurable for wall mount, under-counter and rack mount installation. 

Uses only 1U of rack space when installed in any 19-inch rack, with the potential for zero U mounting in the cable management area of most rack enclosures.

  • Intelligent AC power strip with 1U rack mount design.
  • Digital RMS electric current meter built in with digitized panel display for displaying the local power consumption of connected equipment.
  • Alarm light will keep flashing when the total power consumption has ever exceeded the preset value.
  • Ideal for horizontal or vertical style power distribution in office, workbench, industrial, network, and telecom applications.
  • 2-stage audible alarm buzz for system warning and power overload events.
  • Supports programmable overload trigger setup with alarm buzzer function to provide local and remote warning for the administrator to take preventative measures.
  • Supports real-time remote monitoring of power status per each outlet through the network or internet without sending IT staff to the site when metered power strips are linked with the optional PDU server unit.
  • Sturdy all-metal aluminum housing stands up to demanding network, laboratory or other industrial environments. 
  • Built-in 15-Amp circuit breaker can avoid damage caused by power overload events.
  • Provides optional link with PDU server unit for remote power monitoring via LAN and WAN network.
  • 15 amp output per port with 115/230V 50/60Hz for input and output capacity.
  • 15-ft long power cord.

AC Power Input  85V~264V ( 47~63Hz )
Max. Total Current Output  15 Amp per port or 20 Amp total
AC Power Inlet  NEMA 5-15/20R receptacle x 1
AC Power Outlet  NEMA 5-15/20R receptacle x 8
Power Source Frequency  50/60Hz
Power Status Indicator  Green LED
Optional Power Monitoring  RJ11 port ready for connecting with optional PDU server unit
Audible Alarm  2-stage buzz for system warning and power overload 
Operating Temperature  0 - 60 degree C
Humidity  0%~90%
Frame Type  19" 1U standard frame
Outline Dimension  445 x 40 x 40mm (W x D x H)