2-Channel Composite RCA Video Balun Extender Over Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Cable

2-Channel Composite RCA Video Balun Extender Over Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Cable
2-Channel Composite RCA Video Balun Extender Over Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Cable
Item# AU-EXT-RCA200

Composite RCA Video Balun Extender Over Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Cable

Composite RCA Video Audio Extender Over Cat5 Cat5E Cat6 Cable
This video audio balun allows you to transmit single or dual video feeds to 250 feet using a low-cost Cat5/Cat5e/Cat-6 twisted pair Ethernet cable.

This RCA video extender kit is used in pair, allowing users to make out-of-the-way connections from up to two video sources to a remote TV, projector, DVR or A/V receiver for further distribution and integration.
the Ethernet cable used in the setup can not be mixed with networking equipments together. It needs dedicated Ethernet cable for point-to-point hookup.

Perfect and cost-effective solution for extending analog composite video or audio signal for longer distance and for a nice and neat setup.. This video extender kit fits with various applications such as:

  • Public video broadcasting such as air ports, train stations, retail stores
  • Security surveillance 
  • Information kiosks or administrative consoles for control rooms and multimedia centers
  • Tradeshows, hospitals, auditorium and command rooms
  • Classrooms, training center and conference room
  • Live stage events

Easy Setup
The installation of this audio extender kit is super easy. It is all just plug and play by connecting Cat5e or Cat6 cable between transmitter and receiver unit  No setting or configuration needed and no external power supply needed. 

Video/audio signal coming through the black RCA end will be routed through the same black RCA end on the receiver unit too.

Low-Cost Cable Solution
Cat5/Cat6 twisted pair cables are widely popular, resulting in lower cost due to the mass production.

These types of cables are also easily to be customized at various length as needed, eliminates logistics problems of having custom length of video/audio cables made in advance.

Maximum Flexibility
CAT-5 and CAT-6 twisted pair cables are more flexible than regular coax and RCA cables. They are easier to hide away in offices, buildings and behind walls for ultimate flexibility. Nice and neat setup is also a must for all professional installers.

Long Range Video Audio Transmission
This analog video audio extender kit can send 2 separate video feeds or 1 video 1 audio or 2 audio or 1 stereo L/R feed over Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cable run.

Maximum transmission distance up to 250FT or longer depending on the type of Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 cable used.

No signal loss, no noise and no signal degrading quality while maintaining superior video audio integrity with the same clear and sharp sonic quality outputs all the way as the original input. 

  • Perfect and cost-effective video audio signal extension solution for transmitting composite video/audio signals over long distance using low-cost CAT-5, CAT-5e or CAT-6 network cable.
  • Ethernet cables are easier to install and more flexible than other audio cables.
  • Maximum signal transmission distance up to 250 feet.
  • Twisted pair network cabling provides added protection against outside interference and increases overall signal transmission distances.
  • Audio sonic quality will be retained all the way the same as the original audio input. 
  • No signal loss and no degradation after the long cable run.
  • Passive circuitry with self bus-powered so no external power supply needed for the operation in both transmitter unit and receiver unit.
  • Fully plug and play. 
  • Supports both stereo and mono audio.

  • Video Input Connector: RCA male x 2
  • Video Out Connector: RCA male x 2
  • RJ45 Connector: 2 ( 1 for transmitter and 1 for receiver unit)
  • Max Transmission Distance: 250 feet
  • Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 50 kHz +/-3 dB
  • Operating Temperature: -10C ~ +50C
  • Environment Humidity: 0 ~ 95%
  • Wire Type: UTP Category 5, 5e, or 6
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to 70C
  • Dimension:  0.5"(L)x0.5"(W) x1"(D)

  • Transmitter module x 1
  • Receiver module x 1