School & Government's Purchases

Ambery Corporation welcomes purchase orders (PO's) from Federal & Local Government Offices, Public Schools, Colleges & Universities and all other public institutions.

Terms And Conditions Of Using Purchase Orders For Procurement

1. Purchase orders must be made with the institution's letterhead on the top.

2.  Please indicate clearly on the PO with the contact information of the buyer including phone number and email address provided.

3. Any item(s) ordered through purchase order system shall be delivered to the institution's place of business. We will not ship a PO to any third party address.

4. Minimum purchase amount for a PO is $100.

If you wish to purchase Ambery's products using a PO system on behalf of your institution, please fax the purchase order documents to 1-626-771-0060

Important: Please make sure to provide us with contact information and email address on the purchase order.

If you need assistance and information, please call our staff at 1-626-350-8956 or 1-626-698-6739 or email us at