Universal NTSC PAL Video System Converter

Universal NTSC PAL Video System Converter
Universal NTSC PAL Video System Converter
Item# BV500

Universal NTSC PAL Video System Converter Universal NTSC PAL Video System Converter
This universal multi-system PAL NTSC video system converter will take either a PAL or NTSC input and convert it to the other so users can also watch PAL videos on a NTSC TV or capture NTSC video game into a PAL DVD recorder or vice versa for worldwide TV or video recording application. A perfect solution for play back foreign videos on any TV system.

Great video system converter for playback conversion and recording purpose. Features full digital decoding and encoding. Ideal for converting VHS tapes or other analog video contents onto DVD or video tapes for collection. 

This gadget is also well recommended for video game consoles too like PlayStation 2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii made for foreign systems. Enjoy watching or recording foreign videos on your local TV set anywhere in the world !

Easy Setup And Operation
This converter requires no setup or configuration other than flipping a switch to say which direction you need to convert: PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL.

Worldwide Video Standards Conversion 
This digital multiple-system video standards converter will convert worldwide video standards including all NTSC, PAL B/D/G/H/I/K and SECAM into selectable NTSC or PAL format output in full vibrant color.

Featured with automatic input video standards detection, all you have to do is to select what kind of video system output needed for your TV or recorder.

Digital Refresh Rate Scan Line Conversion
Unlike those analog video standards decoders, this unit supports refresh rate conversion of 50Hz and 60Hz between PAL and NTSC video systems.

This digital refresh rate conversion is very important for video recording setup. Cheaper analog models can only convert color information between NTSC and PAL and will not convert refresh rate and scan lines so the vertical frequency of the outputs from analog models will be the same original input. 

When you connect a standard PAL 50Hz video equipment to this processor, this digital model helps you adjust the refresh rate from 50Hz to 60Hz for its NTSC output so you can connect to any NTSC recorder for capturing. The cheaper analog model will convert PAL 50Hz input to NTSC 50Hz output, which can not be accepted by NTSC TV or NTSC recorder.

In addition, analog converter models require a TV to have a vertical hold function, where most TVs no longer have it. This digital converter will work with all PAL and NTSC formats, which makes it far more universal.

Automatic Gain Control
The built-in AGC circuit performs gain adjustments incrementally at a pre-determined rate by the input signal level to avoid any distortion of the output signal so to maintain the accurate output signal level as the original input. 

This video system converter ensures the output video with standard broadcast level 1 Vp-p (input level ranges from 0.5 Vp-p to 2 Vp-p), which will be compatible with all video recorders and TV broadcast equipments.

  • Ideal for converting videos produced from different countries onto DVD disc or video tape for media players or recorder of the local system.
  • Supports digital conversion of fresh rate conversion between 50Hz and 60Hz depending on the output standard selected.
  • Automatic input video system detection.
  • Supports inputs of worldwide video standards of NTSC, PAL(B/D/G/H/I/K) and SECAM signals.
  • Selectable NTSC or PAL output format via dip switch for local TV viewing or video recorders.
  • Automatic gain controller hardware built into for ensuring the output signal has accurate and identical level as the original input signal without any distortion.
  • 8-bit broadcast quality color decoding.
  • Digital comb filter for input system decoding and full digital decoding and encoding.
  • Full digital field rate processing for high-resolution picture quality.
  • Works with most DVD players/recorders, video cameras, VCRs, satellite receivers, video monitors and television systems of all kinds.
  • Compact size with sturdy enclosure.
  • Switching AC/DC power supply included with support 110V to 240V for worldwide use.

  • Input Video Standards:
    • NTSC M - NTSC 3.58
    • NTSC N - NTSC 4.43
    • PAL-M, PAL-N
    • SECAM B, D, G, H, K
  • Video Output Standard:
    • Selectable NTSC M - NTSC 3.58 or PAL 
  • Video Audio Input/Output Connector:
    • Composite RCA x 3 for RCA AV input
    • Composite RCA x 3 for RCA AV output
  • Sampling frequency: Y: 13.5MHz R-Y: 6.75MHz B-Y: 6.75MHz
  • Digital Code Bit: R: 8bits G: 8bits B: 8bits
  • Scan Conversion:  525 <-->625 TV scan lines
  • Field Rate Conversion: 60 <-->50 field Hertz
  • Power Supply: AC 110V to 240V input with DC 5V, 1A output

  • Video system converter
  • User manual
  • USB power cord
  • USB wall charger with DC 5V output